Fit with Alberdingk. Remaining in balance

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How can I relax? What can I do to stay cool if everything around me is driving me crazy? What is the right food for me? What can I do to stay healthy? In order to help to find the individual work-life-balance, we are offering our staff a special healthiness day with several offers of our partners. Here are some medical tests, our employees can let check their blood, venes, and body condition. The offer is free of charge for our staff. 

Why it is for free?

A high appreciation of our employees is part of our company's mission. A team which is physically and mentally fit is strengthening our inner power. That's why Alberdingk Boley is offering a healthiness management.

Brandnew: Our sports workshop FIT & ACTIVE

In cooperation with salvea and with support of BARMER we have started a sports workshop for our employees. Far away from the daily working place we do some sports in a beautiful surrounding with a fantastic view of the river Rhine. With support of an experienced sports trainer we are enjoying a comprimized work-out for the whole body. This is what the people said after the first lesson:

'A lot of fun!'
'It makes us stronger.'
'That's a cool offer for us at Alberdingk Boley.'

Welcome back at Alberdingk Boley!

Welcome back, Sarah Heußen!
Welcome back, Sebastian Damm!
Welcome back, Michael Heidrich!

She is the 400th employee at Alberdingk Boley worldwide. And she is back at the company. Sarah Heußen starts in Finances & Controlling. Years ago she started with a traineeship in our company. After her studies and some experiences elsewhere she is now back in the company. Welcome again!

By the way, there are some other colleagues who have come back to us, too. Michael Heidrich, Technical Sales Manager Dispersions, and Sebastian Damm, Young Professional in the Technical Marketing, were abroad before they applied for their positions, here. Meanwhile they are are supporting our customers in the Technical Marketing. What is special at Alberdingk Boley? 'Flat hierarchies and a big space for individual development for people with power! It is fun working here!'

Sounds good? Please take a look at our job vacancies!

Job and Family. That fits together!

We are member of the companies network Erfolgsfaktor Familie. With more than 6.500 members, this is the biggest German plattform for combination of family and profession. We want, that our staff are feeling fine with us and are offering a hughe range of actions for healthiness and fitness such as bio-fruits for free, massage and inhouse-sport courses. Furtheron, we are paying premiums for optimizing suggestions and special family events such as a wedding, birth of a child and more. Free time is belonging to family and friends, that is part of our philosophy. Healthy and motivated staff is the better one! Our team is welcoming it.

Fruits for free

At the beginning of each month we are enjoying fresh organic fruits sponsored by Alberdingk Boley. When starting the action we enjoyed crispy apples from an organic farmer nearby. One apple a day keeps the doctor away ... we believe in it! Did you know that US-american scientists could proof this old wisdom? Fruits for free - our choice of it will change like the seasons. With this action we want to motivate everyone here to enjoy more healthy eating. 

New perspectives thanks to education

We always have new ideas. That's why we have won the prize TOP 100. The award has been given to us not only because of the amazing numbers of good ideas but also because of our quick steps in order to realize it. We are getting new input also by the numerous courses and seminars we can do here at Alberdingk Boley.

There is a foreign language inhouse seminar with native speakers continously running, as well as there is a wide range of further workshops with internal and external coaches. Ten different foreign languages are spoken fluently at Alberdingk Boley. It supports us when communicating with our customers all over the world. 

Staff Benefit Programme and employer-funded pension

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A high evaluation of the staff is an essential part of our company's philosophy. Alberdingk Boley takes care about the people working here. This includes not only the education programme, but also pension provision and meeting individual needs of personnel. 

Employer-funded pension 

The actual political discussion about the pension gap shows how important it is to plan carefully the later individual retirement planning. It is no longer sufficient only to count on the regular pension. With an annual payment into the fund Hamburger Pensionskasse, Alberdingk Boley supports with the employer-funded pension in order to grant an additional pension during retirement.

Benefit Programme for Staff

A further benefit for staff is the Benefit Programme for everybody working here. On basis of our healthiness programme and in combination with corporate discounts we negotiated better conditions for staff with suppliers in the near surrounding. The Benefit Programme includes offers like car rentals, hotels, organic shops, opticians, physiotherapists and further more. 

Safety with system

We want to assure the healthiness of our staff.

A permanent monitoring and a continuous optimization of health- and safety regulations and environmental safety, we carry out with the highest engagement. All our activities are in accordance with the current rules and regulations as well as our voluntary commitment. Furthermore, we clearly define measurable company goals. Quality assurance and economic success, the safety and health protection of our employees, the safety of our plants as well as environmental protection (including the efficient use of energy) are equally valued corporate objectives. They are integrated parts of our business processes and decisions.

We are proud on the certicate seal 'Safe with System' of the Professional Association. It is like a proof for us that we reached our goal of an efficient occupational health and safety system.

Sometimes, also small things lead to a big result. We are never tired of pointing that using the handrail at stairs is a must, in order to avoid accidents with serious consequences. Regular seminars and first aid-courses or fire fighter trainings are offered in-house and helps us to be prepared for such cases.

Work & live your life in balance

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We think, a career is possible also with family. That's why we are offering also to young mothers and fathers a big space for individual development. We support in finding the right 'Kindergarten' and are offering parttime jobs. We help to connect private and working life. So that building a family is leading to a brandnew start of life. 

I'm a happy Alberdingker!

Inner strengtheness is real power. But what is power without any motivation? An internal request at our staff which we did by the end of last year, has shown that we are on the right way: more than two third of our staff indicates that they can identify themselves with their job here. Strong 93 per cent would recommend Alberdingk Boley as employers.

Our inner power, a motivated team and our excellent performance so far are like a strong engine for us to take new goals. The good working atmosphere makes us strong to take every handicap also in future! 

And yes, it is true, I'm a happy Alberdingker!