Castor oil – derivatives

In order to expand the range of applications of our versatile castor oil qualities, our portfolio also includes hydrogenated / hardened castor oils. Hydrogenated castor oils are waxy or powdery and have, among other things, excellent emulsifying properties. Depending on the degree of hydrogenation, our HCO flakes are used as a rheology additive for thickeners or lubricants. If HCO is further hydrogenated, 12-HSA (12-hydroxystearic acid) is formed, which is excellently suited as a base for various chemical applications.

Characteristics of castor oil derivatives:

  • excellent lubricating effect
  • emulsifying effect
  • demulsifying effect
  • OH functionality no unsaturated groups (lightfast)
  • high product purity
  • low colour numbers possible
  • low nickel content possible