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Sustainable through biobased products.

Dedicated teams from our R&D and Technical Marketing consistently work on improving the sustainability performance of our products without our clients needing to compromise on quality and performance. Biobased products are part of our heritage; vegetable oils like linseed and castor oil are naturally biobased and have been used by Alberdingk Boley as renewable plant-based binders from the beginning. Since the 1970s we have been producing sustainable water-based dispersions and from the 1990s onwards we have been developing polyurethane dispersions based on castor oil. As a result of extensive research we introduced polyurethane dispersions based on linseed oil in 2005. That same year we also started manufacturing our new ALBODUR® range of polyols based on castor oil, with a solids content of 100% for high demanding 2pack coatings. At present we are working on acrylic dispersions based on renewable raw materials and thus consistently follow our path towards a wider range of biobased products.

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“The Green Deals and the coatings industry”: Markus Dimmers, Head of Technical Marketing, talks about the latest developments of biobased resins for paints and coatings.

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In her report, Jessica Hoffmann explains how a biobased proportion of 88% renewable raw materials can be achieved in environmentally friendly binders. This has been rewarded with the FARBE UND LACK award 2020.