Castor Oils

The special composition of castor oil forms the optimal basis for diverse and sustainable materials/products. The main reason for this is the rare molecular structure. The triglyceride contained in castor oil consists of approx. 90% oxy fatty acid, which otherwise does not occur in nature and is difficult to produce synthetically. This is also known as ricinoleic acid and contains a hydroxyl group as well as an isolated double bond. Particularly worth mentioning, in direct comparison to all other vegetable oils and animal fats, is the very high viscosity and the solubility in alcohol. These special properties are the main reasons for the wide use of castor oil in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Castor oil is characterised by its very stable quality. For this reason, even lightly treated oils are used in numerous industries.

Characteristics of castor oil:

  • OH functionality, acid functionality, double bonds
  • low viscosity
  • low colour value
  • low odour
  • natural emulsifying effect
  • broad solubility
  • high gloss
  • good shelf life