Castor oil – specialties

Pharmaceutical castor oils: Our specialities for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector are produced with great care according to a special process in compliance with the specifications of the European Pharmacopeia (Ph.Eur.).
Characteristics: low colour value, low odour, gently processed, very stable to hydrolysis, broad compatibility and solubility
Dehydrated products: Another possibility to chemically modify castor oil in order to achieve further applications is dehydration. By splitting off an OH group, our di-functional dehydrated castor oil is created, which can be used as a plasticiser. These qualities are used in PUR foams and in the production of prepolymers. The lower polarity of the dehydrated castor oil leads to a broad compatibility. Due to a further reduction of the OH groups, additional double bonds are formed which are very reactive to oxygen. ALBERDINGK® Dehydrated Castor Oil is suitable as an odourless and lightfast alternative to linseed oil.
Characteristics: low functionality, strong de-emulsifying effect, prolonged pot life, improved compatibility
Castor oil low acid / low moisture: Through special refining steps, certain parameters of castor oil can be adjusted. Additional deacidification and drying facilitate handling in polyurethane systems. A low acid value leads, among other things, to improved hydrolysis stability and a longer pot life.