What we do and how we do it.

Our environmentally friendly binders refine, refurbish, link and protect surfaces. As an independent and globally operating mid-sized enterprise, Alberdingk Boley has been a partner for our customers for 250 years.

What makes us special:

  • outstanding quality of products and services
  • technology and innovation
  • a wide range of technologies
  • strong customer relationship
  • a high appreciation of our employees
  • certified and active safety culture
  • flexibility
  • sustainable thinking and care
We are inspired by challenges and provide the best solutions for our customers.

Our goals: Safety and health at work, quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency are the pillars of our economic success.

What sets us apart and how we act.

All our activities are in accordance with the current rules and regulations as well as our voluntary commitment. Furthermore, we clearly define measurable company goals in our Code of Conduct. Quality assurance and economic success, the safety and health protection of our employees, the safety of our plants as well as environmental protection (including the efficient use of energy) are equally valued corporate objectives. Protection from danger to our staff's lives and health takes absolute priority over all economic aspects of any situation. These objectives are integrated parts of our business processes and decisions. Our Declaration of Principles on Human Rights supplements the Code of Conduct in the area of human rights.

Code of Conduct

Declaration of Principles

Colleagues at flipchart

What we can do for you.

We are inspired by challenges. We ask the right questions and provide the the right solutions.