From the oil mill to a globally operating manufacturer

Alberdingk Boley is 250 years young - and we are proud of it. Our history bears witness to a steady, solid growth based on technological innovation and entrepreneurial vision. 

As recent research in cooperation with a descendant of our company founder has shown, the story of Alberdingk Boley goes back much further than originally thought. Today, we know that the founding year 1772 is historically documented:

In 1772, Hendrik Alberdingk bought a company building and warehouse at Amsterdam. Originally, he was cooper and made barrels for whalers. This lead to a lively trade in oils and fats.

In 1798, Frederik Alberdingk, the founder's son, used the exemption from the guild obligation and bought mills in the Netherlands, among other things for the processing of seeds and spices.

In 1828, Franz Heinrich Boley started to operate an oil mill in St. Tönis, near Krefeld, Germany. Not far away, in Leeuwarden, Holland, the "T.I. Alberdingk & Sons" linseed oil varnish factory was founded in 1879. Seven years later the company moved to the Rhine harbour in the Krefeld suburb of Uerdingen. Shortly thereafter Boley also moved his oil mill to the strategically important waterway. The two companies merged in 1921 to form "Alberdingk-Firnis und Ölwerke AG". Three years later the company merged with the Emil Boley oil mill located in the Krefeld suburb of Linn.

Quality linseed oil used in the manufacture of paint.

Linseed oil varnish from Alberdingk has always enjoyed an excellent reputation in the paint industry as well as with professional painters. Alberdingk did not restart linseed processing after the war, instead he set his sights on the future: Imported linseed oil was refined and processed with new equipment and modern techniques. As a renewable raw material, today linseed oil is experiencing a renaissance in the printing ink industry. 

The seed of the wondrous tree holds unexplored potential. 

Alberdingk founded the "Deutsche Rizinus-Oelfabrik GmbH" in 1933. Until recently, we have pressed castor seeds in our own factory - Europe's only oil mill. Today we focus on refining castor oil for technical and pharmaceutical purposes and on research in this promising field. In 1994 we were able to register our technology of using castor oil as polyester or polyol for water-based coatings as a European wide patent.

Water technology for coatings and adhesives. 

In the seventies already, research and development of water-based binders started at Alberdingk Boley. First, we produced water-based synthetic dispersions for architectural coatings. Our continuous investment in laboratory and manufacturing capacity has paid off: In 1985, Alberdingk Boley succeeded in developing water-based polyurethane dispersions, as worldwide first. As an environmentally safe High Chem component, they should soon improve the properties of numerous surfaces. The production of dispersions for coatings and adhesives is today one of our best-selling business areas. 

Global expansion. Close to customers worldwide.

As an international leader in the field of polymerisation, we recognized the need to directly serve our customers around the world in their home markets. In 2000, we founded the production and research centre "Alberdingk Boley, Inc." in Greensboro, USA, and in 2007, the "Alberdingk Resins Co., Ltd." in Shenzhen, China. In Germany, we opened our third production plant with Alberdingk Boley Leuna GmbH, by beginning 2018. In 2020, Alberdingk Boley took over the activities of the German company GER Aquapolymer in the business of adhesive dispersions.  In 2020, as well, we founded Alberdingk Italia. One step more to get closer to our clients.

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