Technology is our driving force.

Technological innovation is firmly embedded in the DNA of our company: Around a quarter of our 450 employees worldwide work in research and one third of our products is less than five years old.

In the seventies, long before the public debate on sustainability, as the manufacturer of water-based binder that posed no health or ecological hazards, Alberdingk Boley was able to establish itself on the world market. With our 1994 patented castor oil and linseed oil-based technology, a new generation of binders conquered the market.

The scope of application is still far from exhausted.

Successes inspire us to new heights of achievement. The focus of our research lies exclusively in the aqueous phase; in addition, we explore the applicability of renewable raw materials. The resulting synergies provide an excellent basis for our high-performance coating systems - and they still offer great potential that needs to be further explored. 

Customer requirements and market trends are the driving forces behind our research. The results are new, functional effects that guarantee a valuable competitive advantage for our customers' final product. From soft, elastic, similar to leather up to hard, easy to sand or even glass-like - the diversity of our dispersions enables us to achieve virtually any coating result.