Product Innovations

Even better! ALBERDINGK® CUR 751

Even better than ALBERDINGK® CUR77! For 'green' colours, which can be white, too...

Rich in content! ALBERDINGK® CUR 920

This is really new! On basis of renewable resources we created ALBERDINGK CUR 920 for parquet and furniture coatings!

Fully charged! Brandnew webinar about ALBERDINGK®AC 36xx-series

Fully charged, this is the title of our brandnew webinar about the product group ALBERDINGK® AC 36xx, held by Michael Heidrich for a product training in cooperation. Don't miss the video!

The secret of refined linseed oil and linseed oil varnish

How can it be that refined linseed oil still works just as well in many applications as synthetic resins? What is the secret? Answers to this can be found in the structure of linseed oil as well as in the composition of the fatty...

Biobased colours and environmentally-friendly floor coatings

In our workshop we our latest innovations for biobased coatings.

ALBODUR® 1055: New VOC-free polyol for PU-systems with superior UV-resistance

ALBODUR® 1055: Hydrophobic, VOC-free polyol based on renewable resources for PU systems with superior UV-resistance

ALBERDINGK® AC 2008 and ALBERDINGK® ALBOrapid: Universal on their own, superior when combined

ALBERDINGK® AC 2008: Versatile, high-solids Pure Acrylic dispersion for exterior coatings with good color stability and excellent chalk resistance Alberdingk Boley has further extended its product portfolio for the architectural...