Product Innovations

ALBODUR® 1055: New VOC-free polyol for PU-systems with superior UV-resistance

ALBODUR® 1055: Hydrophobic, VOC-free polyol based on renewable resources for PU systems with superior UV-resistance

ALBERDINGK® AC 2008 and ALBERDINGK® ALBOrapid: Universal on their own, superior when combined

ALBERDINGK® AC 2008: Versatile, high-solids Pure Acrylic dispersion for exterior coatings with good color stability and excellent chalk resistance Alberdingk Boley has further extended its product portfolio for the architectural...

ALBERDINGK® AS 2040: Novel, highly versatile Acrylic-Styrene-Dispersion for elastic sealants

Launching the novel, APEO-free dispersion ALBERDINGK® AS 2040, Alberdingk Boley offers a versatile, flexible binder for various application fields within the coatings and sealants sector.

Webinar live: Novel multiphase dispersions for architectural coatings

What are the biggest advantages of our novel multiphase acrylic dispersions ALBERDINGK AC 3626 and AC3600 in comparison with conventional dispersions? Find it out in our technical presentation video!

Proofed! C5 I-L & C5 M for ALBERDINGK® AC 2403 - our metal protection programme

Now it is confirmed. Do you know already the ALBERDINGK metal protection pogramme? If not, you should! Learn more about our comprehensive product portfolio for metal protection for versatile industrial and DIY applications

Perfect for perfume bottles, metal, plastics and wood: ALBERDINGK® U 9000

Alberdingk Boley is proud to announce the release of it’s latest polyurethane dispersion. ALBERDINGK® U 9000 is a very hard, aliphatic polyurethane dispersion with extreme chemical resistance. Thanks to it’s polycarbonate...

ALBERDINGK® AC 2003: Versatile pure acrylic dispersion for paints and plasters

Versatile usage for paints and plasters with low VOC-content: Our latest innovation is interesting especially for architectural applications.