Even better! ALBERDINGK® CUR 751

'Green' colour can also be white

ALBERDINGK® CUR 751 is a greatly improved version of ALBERDINGK® CUR  77, which has been established on the market for many years, and is suitable for the production of interior paints. The completely amine-free type is compatible with silicate binders and can also be used in formulations with a high pH-value (e.g. preservative-free interior paints). The proportion of renewable raw materials is approx. 51 % and this also leads to significantly better wet scrub-resistance – accordingly, paints with wet scrub class 1 / 2 according to DIN 13 300 are easy to formulate. Compared to other binders based on renewable raw materials such as alkyd resins, ALBERDINGK® CUR  751 is characterised by extremely low inherent odour and does not show any yellowing.

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