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Water-based Polymer Dispersions
for architectural paints, coatings and plasters

ALBERDINGK® Acrylic Styrene Copolymer Dispersions

H 595 Low particle size, solvent-free primer
AS 2040 For flexible sealants and screeds, very good cement- and bitumen-compatibility
AS 2065 Very well compatible with cement and mortar, can be used for building emulsion, putties, grouts, screeds, bonding layers, slurries, ceramic tile adhesives, industrial floors, modification of cement and mortar
AS 2076 For class 1 silicate paints, optimised stability with silicates
AS 2084 Suitable for interior paints without preservatives
AS 6004 Suitable for interior paints with low emissions and low odour
AS 6800 Low VOC silicate coatings, low odour