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Water-based Acrylate Dispersions
for surface coatings

ALBERDINGK® Self-crosslinking Acrylic Copolymers

AC 2025 For solvent-free wall paints with outstanding stain- and scrub-resistance, superior pigment-wetting, tack-free and good blocking resistance
AC 2360 For economic wood coatings (also pigmented) with low VOC-content, suitable to formulate paints and varnishes according to European Ecolabel 2014/5
AC 2403 Self-crosslinking, multiphase dispersion with superior water barrier, excellent adhesion properties and superior corrosion resistance, very low MFFT and good blocking resistance
AC 25142 Economic acrylic dispersion with low MFFT, good chemical resistance, suitable for low VOC varnishes for parquet or furniture coatings
AC 2523 Economic multiphase dispersion, self-crosslinking, good blocking-resistance and wet adhesion, very high gloss, superior water resistance, for 0-VOC high-gloss enamels
AC 25381 Economic multiphase dispersion, self-crosslinking, extremely versatile, good chemical and superior water resistance, for interior and exterior wood applications
AC 2714 Universal self-crosslinking multiphase acrylic dispersion, best compromise of hydrophobic and lipophobic properties, excellent chemical resistance in clear and pigmented systems
AC 2736 Economic, self-crosslinking acylic dispersion, with MFFT 0° C, very good blocking resistance, for low solids wood stains and enamels
AC 2737 Economic, self-crosslinking multiphase dispersion with MFFT 0° C, excellent blocking and chemical resistance, for pigmented joinery coatings and 0-VOC formulations
AC 2739 For varnishes and paints with outstanding blocking resistance and excellent early water resistance for eg. coatings for window frames
AC 2742 Economic, self-crosslinking multiphase dispersion with excellent chemical resistance, also in pigmented systems
AC 2772 Self-crosslinking multiphase dispersion with exceptional wood warming and excellent recoatability
AC 2782 Self-crosslinking, multiphase dispersion for extremely blocking resistant furniture lacquers with high chemical resistances
AC 3600 For low VOC coatings, superior early block resistance, excellent chemical resistance, long open time and weathering resistant
AC 3626 For high quality gloss paints with excellent levelling and open time, extremely fast blocking resistance and superior resistance against general chemicals and hand fat
AC 3630 Excellent wood warming and transparency, very fast drying with superior blocking resistance and sandability, very high chemical resistance even with high amounts of matting agent, very long open time
AC 3640 Excellent wood warming and transparency, superior blocking resistance, fast hardness development and good sandability, very good chemical resistances even with high amounts of matting agent
AC 3660 Excellent wood warming "transparency" very hard, blocking resistant, high chemical resistance, hot tire resistant
Lignocure 2010 Lignin-reactive hydrosol for wood protection, extremely increases the weathering resistance in comparison to conventional primers